DJ Diaz


DJ Diaz

(Stereofreezed | BASSIVE | RAWting!)

DJ Diaz is a bass music pioneer, roots & culture apologist, soundsystem activist and has been an ambassador of the Austrian electronic music scene since the year 2000.

Leading the biggest free Music-Culture workshop series in the Nation, conquering cultural space by squatting and building up the STEREOFREEZED SOUNDSYSTEM from scratch DJ Diaz is an alpine bass vanguard ever since.

As Founder, Promoter and Host of the TUBEKLUB, BASSIVE & RAWting! Club nights in Salzburg Austria he shows the versatility and extent of his profound musical knowledge and widespread network.

His musical experience runs the gamut from old school ragga jungle in his early years to various forms of Dub in recent times. The distinctive style of DJ Diaz’ Selections align UK Steppers sounds with Reggaestep and Dub with half-step Jungle vibes.

As an early adopter DJ Diaz stands for musical progress and improvement but he nevertheless has a sense for caring about the roots & culture in various kinds of off-beat & bass music.

His creative work is dedicated to the soundsystem culture and to the miraculous art form of djing, mixing and dubbing. So he realised and conducted different art projects and academic research labs together with universities and international acting artists.

In collective with the STEREOFREEZED SOUNDSYSTEM Tribe DJ Diaz is fighting against the commodification of the underground music scene and the entire natural world. |

Technical Rider:

2x Technics 1210 mk2/3/4/5 incl. working Cartridges + Needles!
1x DJ Mixer (minimum 4 line channels + 1 Mic channel) + 1x Microphone
Enough free Space on DJ desk for a Laptop + Midi Controller (min. 100cm x 100cm)
2x Monitor Speakers on the Stage (loudness adjustable at the DJ Mixer!)
4x Power- Outlets Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth) CEE 7/4, 230 V
Soundsystem: Heavy at the low frequency range also capable of reproducing 35 Hz at a proper volume.